Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Divinity

The Theological College of Northern Nigeria, in conjunction with the University of Jos, to which the course is affiliated, offers 4 and 3 year full-time courses leading to a Bachelor of Divinity Degree.

Most students will be required to take the course over four years. However some with previous theological training may be eligible to join the course at level 2, and complete it in three years.

This degree is also offered through a part-time programme over 6 years and 4 1/2 years. The Bachelor of Divinity degree is designed for students who have not yet undertaken theological studies.

However, for the part-time programme only, admission to this degree programme is also at present available to holders of a diploma in theology.

The difference between the full-time and part-time programmes shall be in the intensity of teaching the part-time courses and in the separation of written assignments, which are to be done by the end of the December following the teaching and examination of each course.

In addition, lecturers are encouraged to provide hand-outs for part-time students. Students will normally be required to buy at least one textbook per course at registration.

The part-time course will be organised on the basis of two modules per session, each four weeks long, with a one week gap between modules, i.e. a total of nine weeks in a session. The session will fall within the long vacation of each academic year.

The full BD course pursued part-time will be done in twelve modules over six years. The three year course will take nine modules over four and a half years.

Bachelor of Arts Bible Translation

The college offers 4 and 3 year full-time courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Bible translation.

In the 4 year course students go on field assignments for the second semester at 200 level and in the second semester at the 300 level, students either go on field assignments or take alternative taught courses under the advice of the course tutor.

In the 3 year course students only go on field assignments in the second semester at the 300 level. All students must select the translation track they wish to follow at the beginning of the 200 level.

The choice is between an Old Testament translation track or a New Testament translation track. Students must register for a minimum of 30 credits and a maximum of 34 credits each year.

All Bible translation students are required to pass Greek and Hebrew at the Basic level and to pass one of the languages at both Further and Exegesis levels relevant to the track they are following.